Ignacio & Alejandra

From Madrid to Mallorca and from there to heaven. Igna and Ale’s wedding was tremendous, beautiful and lots of fun.


I can still remember the moments before the arrival of the guests, nerves, last minute touches and immense pressure for everything to go perfectly.


I was lucky to be chosen to organize what was one of the most challenging weddings I have done in these 11 years of my professional life, also one of the most beautiful and exciting.


Alejandra! Thanks to her I was able to let my imagination fly, make a Frida Khalo-style stall presentation, with crowns of freshly picked Daisies, giving an air of traveling across India in search of thousands of orange and yellow marigolds. But most importantly, not forgetting Mallorca, our darling island, by having a typical Mallorcan fishing boat, “a  Llaüt” at the fresh prawn stall, mixing an abundance of fruits and vegetables overflowing from the baskets and glass “Damajuana” vases, decorating the tables.


The explosion of colour allowed us to take risks and the result was magically amazing.


The Party? The starting signal was given by” Taburete “with a concert of an hour igniting a fabulous party atmosphere for the guests in an exceptional way.


If you want to see more about the wedding, look here at: Casilda se casa


Lara Fraire