Élégance subtile

Starting a personal project. I think it’s one of the things I’ve considered the most. In your sketches, you are the one who gives the O.K. and that can be good or not!
So I ask myself,  who will like it, will I be doing it right, will they agree and so on and so forth.
After a lot of thinking, I decided, together with my” GREAT team of professionals” who have helped me, to take the step of making this wonderful report! It is very special because it shows the essence of my character and evokes my beginning in this field.

Thanks to all of you who helped me to start and pushed me. Especially Paquita from Es Brot, Víctor Chito and the team at the Víctor Chito. Without your presence, it wouldn’t have been the same and perhaps I wouldn’t have dared to do it!!

Photos: Victor Chito

Decoration and flowers: Es Brot

Space: Restaurante Sa Punta

Lighting and sound: Lo Music

Furniture: Grupo Amida

Models: Nuria y Pep

Make-up: Antònia Riera

Wedding dress and party dresses: Cortana

Groom’s attire: Estela Manacor


Lara Fraire